Trade fairs becomes more and more important, in particular during recession periods, while companies are trying to reinforce their marketing image in order to give a boost to the sales sectors targeting new markets and clients.
The crucial relevance is in the way a company shows and presents its production because it is the product itself that identifies the company.
Also an exemplary exhibition during trade fairs on company production has the power to change completely your company history.
A good exhibition and a strong visibility in national and international events allows qualified clients to easily remember and appreciate your productive efforts.
Studio 013 is a dynamic group led by long experienced professionals which provides complete support in setting up the high quality, fully equipped, exhibition stands, along with the greatest reliability.
We are able to satisfy all your requests and offer a complete service: stand loaning or purchasing, graphic works and multimedia services.
We use only certified equipment, provided with declaration of conformity and static resistance evaluation. The stand installations are built in accordance with the best practice and guarantees the maximum security.